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About DyeNet

DyeNet Enterprises is proud to be designing, developing and maintaining large and small business websites for over 17 years now. We have more than 140 website customers and counting. Our offices are based out of Wisconsin and Arizona, with additional websites around the country and the world wide web! 

About Me

I am a local person living in Goodyear, AZ, the Palm Valley area just outside Phoenix, Arizona. I have created websites for newspapers and businesses in Wisconsin, Arizona, Montana and Washington State for over 17 years now. After working for a local newspaper company in Wisconsin, I finally opened up my own web development company to work with the very people who supported me to strike out on my own. I am a full-time, on-site, small business owner available to you anytime. This is my calling and this is what I love to do and I am planning on building this business with my family, well into the future. Not in town? That’s okay, it’s the Internet! I’ll take care of you like you’re just down the road. I am here for your success!

Debra Dye – Webmaster/Owner


Many web design businesses are quick to leave after a project is finished. I will stay with you to help you grow. We know that just having a website is not enough in todays market. I am a full-service company with hosting for your website after the design process and maintaining that site is a never ending process. Most small and medium sized businesses need to focus on running their businesses and need a solid company to back them up. DyeNet Enterprises is dedicated to helping you while you change and grow.  No other area web design company can provide you with so much service. I am truely your dedicated partner in business.


Creating new ideas and solutions for your business is my passion. Web design, SEO and hosting are just a few of my services that can take your business to the next level. I take the time to listen to you and learn about your vision. I create websites that show the very best your business has to offer, while maintaining the functionality to be useful to the user. We face new design challenges daily and continue to grow with customers. Each of my websites is a new creation born out of innovative thinking and strategic planning. 


One of the most challenging aspects of designing websites is the constant need to be on the cutting edge of web design. My web design clients get complete attention and satisfaction. Web design is constantly changing as the web expands and I embrace that change. I know that what worked yesterday, may not work tomorrow. That is why I will stay completely flexible and keep a solid grasp on the changing internet. 

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